Our Services

Arnold Family Counselling Centre, run by the SVD missionaries aims at handling various challenges and threats posed by modernism to Family, the heart of human society. Irrespective of religious beliefs and social background, it is committed to bringing life-giving relationships and wellness among the members of the families through Psychological Guidance and Counselling services, Seminars and Workshops.  

Vision - Mission Statement

Vision:  Wellness of Families Abounding in Wellness of Human Society.

Mission: Empowering individuals in the family by identifying and reinforcing their inner resources and by nurturing human values and relationship enhancing skills, AFCC strives to facilitate transformation of the society.


Arnold Family Counselling Centre(AFCC)

To accomplish its Vision-Mission, AFCC is committed to:

  • Focussing on life-giving Individual and Family Counselling.
  • Increasing awareness through seminars on issues threatening family and society.
  • Facilitating skill-based workshops to nurture human relationships.
  • Organising enhancement programmes for married couples.
  • Imparting purpose-driven sessions for the Youth.
  • Guiding Singles (Spinsters / Bachelors /Widowed / Divorced) towards wellness.
  • Encouraging grace-filled living for the Aged.
  • Motivating the Differently-abled for optimum use of their potential.
  • Creating universal brotherhood and oneness.